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Another EV Survey Cites Range Anxiety But Tesla Stock Still Looks Bullish helpfully added a few questions on electric vehicle perceptions in their latest 2012 Car Brand Perception Survey. In summary, they found that consumers generally appeared to be concerned about range anxiety and were likely to be overestimating the risks involved with regard to safety. A clear red flag for anyone looking for rapid consumer [...]

Gen Y Auto Survey Points to Demand For Alternative Power

This year’s Deloitte’s Annual Generation Y Automotive Survey has mixed results for the EV market. The good news is that this crucial group of consumers overwhelmingly prefers alternative power to traditional gas-only vehicles – by a margin of 59% to 37%. That should help keep automakers focused on fuel efficiency. However, only a very small [...]

Tesla Stock Collapses But Looks Massively Oversold

  Source: Tesla Motors, with permission. Having traded in a tight range for most of the day, Tesla Motors (TSLA) collapsed in the last 45 minutes of trading on Friday. The stock hit a low of 22.64 and closed at 22.79, down 19.3% from its previous close. Although it was reported to have bounced 7% in [...]

Magnesium Batteries: Another Potential EV Future

NASA Prototype Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. Source: Wikimedia Commons An interesting article last week about research into the use of Magnesium instead of Lithium in batteries for, amongst other things, the electric car raises some interesting points concerning which players are lower risk investment in what may become a rapidly changing technological space. First, the attraction [...]