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US Still Net Exporter of Solar to China

Following the announcement that CIGS solar start-up Solyndra had declared Chapter 11, I published an article suggesting that although this was clearly not good news, the overall solar sector in the US was still in relatively good competitive shape, with a healthy trade surplus with the rest of the world of some $1.9bn. You can [...]

Solyndra Chapter 11 – What Does It Mean For US Solar?

Last week the US solar sector faced the disappointing news that solar start-up and CIGS player Solyndra filed for Chapter 11. This follows the recent moves into bankruptcy protection by Evergreen Solar and the smaller SpectraWatt in the past two weeks. Clearly, the recent period of oversupply and sharp decline in module prices has taken [...]

Likely Beneficiaries of Japan’s Push on Solar

Japan’s new Renewable Energy Bill has raised a number of questions concerning implementation and the likely beneficiaries. I’m working on an article on this at present. However, it seems worth providing an initial view. In two articles which I published on Seeking Alpha back in March I suggested that we would see this development in [...]