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Solar’s Positive News: Capacity Plans Are Finally Adjusting

This year’s period of intense over-supply in the solar sector has continued to pressure solar players, leading to a recent batch of announcements of cut-backs and cost reductions. All of this may simply seem to be a continuation of the recent slew of bad news that has plagued the industry in the past few months. [...]

ReneSola Share Repurchase Program Starts Slowly

Late last month, I discussed the fact that in another sign of the undervaluation in the Solar sector, the Board of Renesola had authorized a $100m share repurchase program. On the day of the company’s announcement, its stock price was down 66% on the year. You can read more detail on the original share repurchase program and [...]

US Still Net Exporter of Solar to China

Following the announcement that CIGS solar start-up Solyndra had declared Chapter 11, I published an article suggesting that although this was clearly not good news, the overall solar sector in the US was still in relatively good competitive shape, with a healthy trade surplus with the rest of the world of some $1.9bn. You can [...]

Likely Beneficiaries of Japan’s Push on Solar

Japan’s new Renewable Energy Bill has raised a number of questions concerning implementation and the likely beneficiaries. I’m working on an article on this at present. However, it seems worth providing an initial view. In two articles which I published on Seeking Alpha back in March I suggested that we would see this development in [...]

Insider Buying At First Solar – Another Sign That The Sector is Oversold

Earlier today, First Solar announced that five of the company’s senior executives have this week purchased a total of 5,500 shares in the company, adding to their current holdings. That would imply a value of just over half a million dollars. Which executives were involved and full details are provided in the press release from First [...]