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Electric Cars

Tesla Stock Collapses But Looks Massively Oversold

  Source: Tesla Motors, with permission. Having traded in a tight range for most of the day, Tesla Motors (TSLA) collapsed in the last 45 minutes of trading on Friday. The stock hit a low of 22.64 and closed at 22.79, down 19.3% from its previous close. Although it was reported to have bounced 7% in [...]

Nissan To Deliver Dramatic Reduction In Pricing Of Fast Chargers

Nissan (NSANY.PK) has announced a major breakthrough in the pricing of Level 3 fast chargers for the EV market and Auto Observer reports the company as saying that they already have substantial pre-orders in the US. Thus far we have the following details: The new Nissan fast charger will sell for $9,900. The company´s previous fast charger [...]

Tesla Finds Strength In Another Deal With Mercedes

Tesla Model S: Image used with permission from Tesla Last week was a very good week for Tesla stock – up 13% on the day on Thursday and ending the week at $32.31, up a solid 8.2% from the previous Friday’s close. This was partly because the company’s earnings statement provided a loss that was [...]

A123 Systems: How Supportive Is The Deal on GM’s Spark EV?

Shares in A123 Systems (AONE) jumped 26.5% on Wednesday as General Motors (GM) unveiled the company’s new Chevrolet Spark EV microcompact – and of course announced that the car’s battery pack will be supplied by the Massachusetts-based A123. The Spark EV is slated to go on sale in the States in 2013. Little detail regarding the supply agreement has [...]

A123 Systems Secures Deal With ALTe

Following the company’s recent deal with General Motors (GM), A123 Systems (AONE) has now secured a further ‘long-term’ supply agreement with ALTe, a developer of Range Extended Electric Powertrains used to repower light commercial vehicles. AONE’s advanced Nanophosphate technology will be used to build 21.6 kWh battery packs, forming a critical part of ALTe’s powertrain. [...]