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Solar: Asia Pacific Demand To Help Sector Re-Balance

Asia Pacific Market Demand By Region Source:  NPD SolarBuzz: Asia Pacific Major PV Markets Quarterly New data published today by SolarBuzz in their Asia Pacific Major PV Markets Quartely points to a surge in new installations in both China and the Asia Pacific region as a whole. Indeed, the region seems likely to add a total of 2 [...]

Could The G20 Deliver A Growth and Clean Energy Pact?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the international community fully recognizes the need to ensure that the global economy does not become engulfed by another financial crisis at this critical juncture. Developments with regard to the referendum question in Greece and the fate of MF Global make this issue particularly pressing. There is therefore significant [...]

Solyndra Chapter 11 – What Does It Mean For US Solar?

Last week the US solar sector faced the disappointing news that solar start-up and CIGS player Solyndra filed for Chapter 11. This follows the recent moves into bankruptcy protection by Evergreen Solar and the smaller SpectraWatt in the past two weeks. Clearly, the recent period of oversupply and sharp decline in module prices has taken [...]