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Altervative Energy

Better Place Switching Station in Tokyo

Can Better Place make Electric Vehicles work?

Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush caught up recently in Davos with Better Place Manager Yariv Nornberg.  Catch up with the conversation here: Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush speaks with Better Place Policy Manager Yariv Nornberg Better Place is about making Electric Vehicles work. They are building switching stations that allow you to switch your EV [...]

Solyndra Chapter 11 – What Does It Mean For US Solar?

Last week the US solar sector faced the disappointing news that solar start-up and CIGS player Solyndra filed for Chapter 11. This follows the recent moves into bankruptcy protection by Evergreen Solar and the smaller SpectraWatt in the past two weeks. Clearly, the recent period of oversupply and sharp decline in module prices has taken [...]