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Solar: One Chart That Highlights The Adjustment In The Industry

Source: NPD SolarBuzz, SolarBuzz Quarterly. New survey-based data from SolarBuzz points very clearly to a very much needed ongoing adjustment to manufacturers planned module shipments. The chart above illustrates the issue very succinctly. In SolarBuzz´s survey conducted in Q2 of the current year, manufacturers were still planning on shipping just over 8 GW of modules in Q3 of [...]

Buffett Buys Into Another Solar Project – Expect More To Follow

Warren Buffett-controlled MidAmerican Energy Holdings on Friday acquired an interest in a second solar project. In the latest deal, the company has acquired 49% of NRG Energy´s $1.8bn Agua Caliente project.This follows the company´s acquisition of 100% of First Solar´s $2bn Topaz Solar Farm less than two weeks ago. As was the case with the first Topaz deal, [...]

Study Suggests Solar Has Reached Grid Parity In Some Areas

A new academic study published last week suggests that solar energy has already reached grid parity in some areas in North America and is therefore poised to move into the mainstream. The study, ‘A Review of Solar Photovoltaic Levelized Cost of Electricity’, was co-authored by Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technological University and Kadra Branker and [...]

Buffett-First Solar Deal Extremely Bullish For Solar Sector

Nellis Solar Power Plant in the US. Source: Wikimedia Commons The Solar Industry this week received significant support in the purchase by Warren Buffett-controlled MidAmerican Energy Holdings of First Solar’s (FSLR) $2bn Topaz Solar Farm in San Luis Obispo County, California. This is a significant show of confidence in the industry from Mr Buffett. Of [...]

Clean Energy interviews British Solar King Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett’s SolarCentury is creating the world’s largest solar bridge in London Source: SolarCentury Discussion of whether demand for solar will hold up have been very topical recently.  There’s clear evidence of strong growth in demand in the US. We’ve also pointed out that demand remains bright in Asia.  However, the outlook in Europe remains [...]