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Can Better Place make Electric Vehicles work?

Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush caught up recently in Davos with Better Place Manager Yariv Nornberg. 

Catch up with the conversation here:

Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush speaks with Better Place Policy Manager Yariv Nornberg

Better Place is about making Electric Vehicles work. They are building switching stations that allow you to switch your EV battery in less than five minutes. They have recently launched in Israel with dozens of switching stations now available across the country.

Better Place plans to open in Denmark in the second half of 2012. They’ll go to Australia next to prove that the concept can work in a large country.  Pilot projects are in operation in the US as well –  just yesterday Better Place announced they were activating the largest electric car charging network in Hawaii, offering drivers free charging via more than 130 charge points through the end of 2012.

Currently the only car which can use the Better Place service is Renault Fluence. Their challenge will be convincing other EVs to add easy access to the battery so that it can be switched in a Better Place Switching Station.