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Better Place Switching Station in Tokyo

Can Better Place make Electric Vehicles work?

Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush caught up recently in Davos with Better Place Manager Yariv Nornberg.  Catch up with the conversation here: Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush speaks with Better Place Policy Manager Yariv Nornberg Better Place is about making Electric Vehicles work. They are building switching stations that allow you to switch your EV [...]

Germany Solar FIT Cuts Underline Reasons to Stay Uninvested For Now

The first major piece of news since our recommendation to take profits on solar’s powerful rally this year has turned out to be decisively negative – underlining the fact that investors with anything other than a very long-term buy and hold strategy would do well to stay on the sidelines for now and invest another [...]

Solar: Taking Some Profits On a Blistering Trade

  Source: Barchart Yesterday, the solar sector had a blistering day, with the overall Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) up 8%. Moreover, our three main stock recommendations, Yingl Green Energy (YGE), Trina Solar (TSL) and Suntech Power (STP) were up +20.4%, +18.6% and +8.6% respectively. As welcome as these moves are, they now raise the always tricky issue concerning where [...]

Another EV Survey Cites Range Anxiety But Tesla Stock Still Looks Bullish helpfully added a few questions on electric vehicle perceptions in their latest 2012 Car Brand Perception Survey. In summary, they found that consumers generally appeared to be concerned about range anxiety and were likely to be overestimating the risks involved with regard to safety. A clear red flag for anyone looking for rapid consumer [...]