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Nissan To Deliver Dramatic Reduction In Pricing Of Fast Chargers

Nissan (NSANY.PK) has announced a major breakthrough in the pricing of Level 3 fast chargers for the EV market and Auto Observer reports the company as saying that they already have substantial pre-orders in the US. Thus far we have the following details: The new Nissan fast charger will sell for $9,900. The company´s previous fast charger [...]

Solar’s Positive News: Capacity Plans Are Finally Adjusting

This year’s period of intense over-supply in the solar sector has continued to pressure solar players, leading to a recent batch of announcements of cut-backs and cost reductions. All of this may simply seem to be a continuation of the recent slew of bad news that has plagued the industry in the past few months. [...]

Tesla Finds Strength In Another Deal With Mercedes

Tesla Model S: Image used with permission from Tesla Last week was a very good week for Tesla stock – up 13% on the day on Thursday and ending the week at $32.31, up a solid 8.2% from the previous Friday’s close. This was partly because the company’s earnings statement provided a loss that was [...]

Payrolls To Allow Stocks To Rally On Any Good News From G20

Source: Bloomberg The headline employment number was weak, coming in at only 80k jobs added versus expectations of 95k. However, the employment numbers for the previous two months were revised up by a net total of 102k. The unemployment rate also fell to 9% from 9.1% previously. Overall, the numbers were therefore a touch better [...]

Could The G20 Deliver A Growth and Clean Energy Pact?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the international community fully recognizes the need to ensure that the global economy does not become engulfed by another financial crisis at this critical juncture. Developments with regard to the referendum question in Greece and the fate of MF Global make this issue particularly pressing. There is therefore significant [...]