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Will LED Stocks Follow Solar Stocks Over the Commoditization Cliff?

Photo by Author. Guest Post by Tom Konrad CFA, Alt Energy Stocks. You can read more articles by Tom and other authors at One irony of green investing is that doing good (for the planet) does not always do well for investors. Recently the rewards for do-gooders have been abysmal. For years, I’ve been [...]

Solar: Asia Pacific Demand To Help Sector Re-Balance

Asia Pacific Market Demand By Region Source:  NPD SolarBuzz: Asia Pacific Major PV Markets Quarterly New data published today by SolarBuzz in their Asia Pacific Major PV Markets Quartely points to a surge in new installations in both China and the Asia Pacific region as a whole. Indeed, the region seems likely to add a total of 2 [...]

Outlook For British Solar: Sunny With Clouds

  Very British Solar: Mr and Mrs Croot of Cawood, York.Source: Ploughcraft.   Clean Energy Intel’s Edie Lush speaks to Chris Hopkins, Founder and MD of Ploughcraft Solar. A leading British Solar Installation Company says that while the drop in the Feed-In-Tariff will hurt some solar companies in the UK, the cut means a more [...]

Magnesium Batteries: Another Potential EV Future

NASA Prototype Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. Source: Wikimedia Commons An interesting article last week about research into the use of Magnesium instead of Lithium in batteries for, amongst other things, the electric car raises some interesting points concerning which players are lower risk investment in what may become a rapidly changing technological space. First, the attraction [...]

BYD Testing The EV Market In China

BYD at the Central China High-Tech Fair, Shenzhen, November 2009.                          Source: Wikipedia / Brucke-Osteuropa. Over the course of the past few weeks we have seen a couple of noteworthy developments at Chinese auto maker BYD (BYDDF.PK). I have previously discussed the troubles at BYD, which [...]