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Departure Of First Solar CEO Rob Gilette Another Sign Of Solar’s Troubles

First Solar’s stock price was hit hard yesterday, falling some 25%, as a result of the departure of CEO Rob Gilette. The stock has bounced today. However, the very volatile price action is simply a sign of the extreme nervousness and underlying weakness in the sector. A number or readers have questioned my stance of being uninvested in the [...]

Europe: Relief Rally To Continue On BRIC Support for Leveraged EFSF

In an article at the beginning of last week, I argued that there was a high probability that Europe’s Summit talks would lead to a significant deal over a leveraged EFSF, supported by the commitment of China and the other BRIC nations. Reports from the weekend Summit now suggest that in fact such an outcome [...]

Solyndra Update: Politics Likely to Continue to Cast Shadow Over Solar

Solar stocks have clearly been heavily affected by the political fall out following the Solyndra affair – and unfortunately the political debacle only looks likely to get worse. The Hill now reports that the Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are deeply focused on attempting to prove that the Obama Administration broke the [...]

Could A Leveraged EFSF and China Take The Pressure Off Europe?

The immediate outlook for stocks, fixed income and the Euro will clearly be driven by the market’s constantly changing assessment of the potential for some kind of coordinated agreement aimed at alleviating Europe’s debt crisis. There are a number of potential routes forward on the table, including an expanded role for the IMF. European policy-makers [...]

Nissan Keeping Options Open: BEVs, Hybrids and Cheaper Fuel Cells

Nissan Leaf (Left) & Landglider at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Image source: Wikipedia /Tennen-Gas Nissan and its sister company Renault have clearly made a commitment to ‘advanced-drive’ autos. The facts speak for themselves: Nissan put the full battery-electric Leaf on the streets in December of 2010. Sales had reached 15,000 units worldwide by September of this year.  [...]