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Solyndra Update: More Politics as Focus Shifts to Energy Secretary Chu

A brief update on the growing political debacle surrounding the Solyndra issue – a report from The Hill now suggests that the Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which is currently investigating the issue, are turning their attention towards the role of Energy Secretary Steven Chu. The politicization of both this issue [...]

Solar: DoE’s Loan Guarantee Program – Two Approvals, Two Misses

Last week, I discussed the fact that in the aftermath of Solydra’s declaration of Chapter 11, the government’s efforts to offer financial support for clean technology in general and solar in particular looked likely to become heavily politicized – a development which, particularly ahead of the 2012 Presidential elections, can only have the affect of reducing the potential flow of finance into [...]

Solyndra, The Fifth Amendment and The Threat to the US Utility PV Pipeline

If there had ever been any doubt, it is now clear that the result of the Solyndra debacle has been to heavily politicize the government’s clean energy loan guarantee program and any other measures remotely connected with the support of clean energy. From that point of view, just about the most disconcerting headline that clean [...]

Jinko Collapses 28% Amidst Environmental Crisis

Shares in JinkoSolar Holdings (JKS) fell a full 28% today after the company was forced to idle its manufacturing facility in Haining following three days of protests over allegations that the facility has been polluting the local river. The difficulties relate to one of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, Zhejiang Jinko, and the company has now admitted [...]

Westport: Likely Beneficiary Of A Potential Quadrupling Of US Natural Gas Vehicles Sales by 2016

Companies with significant exposure to the market for natural gas transportation have obviously received a lot of attention recently following the announcement last week of a co-marketing agreement for LNG transportation between oil major Shell (RDS-A) and Westport (WPRT), a provider of natural gas engine technology. This makes the release of Pike’s new annual global sales forecasts for natural [...]