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Suntech Power CEO Says G20 To Promote Green Growth

The Associated Press is today reporting comments from Shi Zhengrong, CEO of solar panel maker Suntech Power (STP), suggesting that the G-20 advisory panel which he chairs will recommend that leaders of “traditional economies” boost solar, wind and other alternative energy sources, even in dire financial times.

AP further states: 
‘He said the group of the largest economies in the world would be asked to adopt “action plans” and form a private-public investment vehicle to invest in sustainable energy…. Shi said Germany and Switzerland could achieve plans to phase out nuclear power by replacing 30-50 percent of that energy with solar and wind sources “if they install enough capacity.”‘
The next G-20 summit is in November and speculation around this issue may gather pace. From a trading perspective, I am currently bullish on solar stocks (see here), particularly on the grounds that the worst now seems to be priced in and that we can bounce from here. 
However, from a policy perspective, it is probably worth acknowledging that this is a critical time for the green / alternative energy community – and a time to respond to the world’s current fiscal difficulties with a degree of realism. It seems reasonable to suggest that much of the public sector’s role should be in finding helpful regulatory measures and that we should look to the private sector to do more of the heavy lifting. 
Disclosure: I have no position in STP. I am long JASO.