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Likely Beneficiaries of Japan’s Push on Solar

Japan’s new Renewable Energy Bill has raised a number of questions concerning implementation and the likely beneficiaries. I’m working on an article on this at present. However, it seems worth providing an initial view. In two articles which I published on Seeking Alpha back in March I suggested that we would see this development in [...]

Suntech Power CEO Says G20 To Promote Green Growth

The Associated Press is today reporting comments from Shi Zhengrong, CEO of solar panel maker Suntech Power (STP), suggesting that the G-20 advisory panel which he chairs will recommend that leaders of “traditional economies” boost solar, wind and other alternative energy sources, even in dire financial times. AP further states:  ‘He said the group of the largest [...]

EV Round-UP – Bullish Forecasts From Pike and the Pacific Coast’s Green Highway

There are a number of interesting pieces of news out in the EV sector today. A quick re-cap: Pike Research has produced a report predicting cumulative global sales of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles (PHEVs) of 5.2 million by 2017, up from just under 114,000 vehicles in 2011. By the same year, cumulative sales [...]

Insider Buying At First Solar – Another Sign That The Sector is Oversold

Earlier today, First Solar announced that five of the company’s senior executives have this week purchased a total of 5,500 shares in the company, adding to their current holdings. That would imply a value of just over half a million dollars. Which executives were involved and full details are provided in the press release from First [...]

More Bad Solar Earnings, More Evidence It’s All Priced In

In the past twenty-four hours, the earnings numbers from Suntech Power (STP) and Trina Solar (TSL) have provided another look at Solar’s terrible Q2 performance. However, once again solar stocks are bouncing off their lows – clear evidence that all of the bad news is priced in. In terms of the numbers themselves, Suntech Power [...]