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Tesla: When Will The Model S Hit The Streets?

It seems a very good bet that if Tesla manages to deliver the Model S as promised in the price range promised, it will secure a very significant niche market. After all, no other auto manufacturer is even talking about a 300 mile range in a production model. The question is: will the company get the Model [...]

LDK Confirms the Difficult Q2 Story The Market Has Already Priced In

As we draw towards the end of the Q2 earnings season for solar, LDK has become the latest company to confirm both the difficult quarter and the fact that the worst is now clearly priced in. The story is familiar – better than expected revenues but a painful net loss due to a crushing margin [...]

A123 Systems Secures Deal With ALTe

Following the company’s recent deal with General Motors (GM), A123 Systems (AONE) has now secured a further ‘long-term’ supply agreement with ALTe, a developer of Range Extended Electric Powertrains used to repower light commercial vehicles. AONE’s advanced Nanophosphate technology will be used to build 21.6 kWh battery packs, forming a critical part of ALTe’s powertrain. [...]

Tesla And The Future Of The Electric Car

Tesla Model S: Image used with permission from Tesla. A debate has once again been raised with regard to the future of clean technology and in particular the electric car. Whilst many of the issues on which this debate is based are genuine, they in fact fail to get to the heart of the matter. It [...]

AONE: Disappointment in Extension of GM’s Deal With LG Group

One piece of news worth noting from the end of last week was the announcement that General Motors (GM) and LG Group have agreed to extend their partnership on lithium batteries and electric vehicles. LG Chem currently supplies the battery packs for the Chevy Volt and the Opel Ampera (the Volt’s cousin intended for the [...]